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The Wild Within

The Wild Within Retreats are not your average yoga retreat.  While I believe that movement is an integral part of wellness, that is not the main focus of our retreats.

Our retreats are designed to offer you new experiences, provide the space for deep inner work & a new connection to self, and to push you out of you comfort zone in a loving and safe way.

We use movement combined with ceremony and intentionally curated workshops to provide an immersive, transformative experience.

Each retreat is unique, but ultimately we strive to create a loving container for radical self-expression & the invitation to step into your unedited authenticity.

We invite you to channel what's wild inside of you, and express and explore with us in a healthy way on retreat.

Join us.

Manifesting Magic Women's Retreat

January 12-15, 2024
Sante Fe River - Fort White, FL

The Deets:

We carefully curate our expansive, all-inclusive weekends to be like no retreat you've ever experienced.

  • Daily movement practice - Yoga & meditation serve as the foundation of our retreats... but they are just a very small component of the experience.  Expect a heart-centered, creative daily yoga practice followed with intentional meditation meant to connect you to your body and the present moment - setting the tone for the day.

  • Home-cooked, organic meals - My husband Matt's love language is food, and he goes to great lengths to make sure you are nourished and happy. We are so passionate about healthy food, and passionate about being true to ourselves in our offerings.  This is why we serve a mix of animal-based & vegetarian meals, all 100% organic, local and from the farm when possible.  Matt stays behind the scenes to cook from scratch all day long.  (We can accommodate any dietary preference or restriction.)

  • Workshops, spiritual practices, and guided journaling -The content of my retreats evolve and grow as I do, but expect your days to be filled with intentional workshops that bring you closer to your higher self.  Through a variety of healing modalities and time for self-inquiry, you’re guaranteed to leave more connected & clear than when you came.

  • Altered-state breathwork journey & live sound healing with Lisa Jamison -One of my favorite parts of the weekend is bringing in the OG Witchy Woman Lisa Jamison to take you on the most epic breathwork journey.  Breathwork uncovers stories & past experiences locked in the physical body (otherwise unable to be accessed), and there is so much profound healing that happens during her ceremonies.  It’s something you just have to experience for yourself.

  • Kambo ceremony -This is such a unique offering, as there are very few Kambo practitioners (if at all) in the Tampa Bay area.  Matt Coffman is certified through the IAKP and is passionate about sharing the medicine.  Kambo is a secretion that comes from the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog and it’s burned into your skin through small holes called “gates.”  Once the medicine is applied, you’ll drink 2 liters of water and within minutes you’ll most likely purge into a bucket.  The medicine serves as a physical body and spiritual cleanse, and the medicine itself contains peptides that heal many things in the body.  For more info on Kambo, check out Matt’s website at

  • Ecstatic dance -Abandon yourself to the beat & release the need to have any rhythm or control - this is the foundation for ecstatic dance.  Our ancestors have been dancing around the fire since the beginning of time, and dance is such a beautiful way to connect us back to our primal energy and honor our lineage.  We host a safe and expressive opportunity to ditch how you think things are supposed to look, and to let your body move to the beat with a deep sense of freedom.  One of my favorite practices, it is sure to be a highlight of the weekend.

  • Time in nature - Do you ever take a walk outside or on the beach and notice almost immediately how your mood shifts?  You feel happier, more connected, grounded, calm.  We build in free time to immerse yourself in nature on retreat.  You can kayak or paddle board on site, take a nature walk, ground your feet in the grass, pause and read a book or journal in the fresh air… the choice is yours.  But know there is time and space for it, because nature is incredibly healing.

  • Build community -Whether it’s something you consciously desire or not, you’ll leave with new connections and lasting friendships.  There is so much POWER in women in community!  If you’re here reading these details, this is for you and it’s exactly where you are meant to be.  You may be desiring new connections with people who are like you, but you don’t know where to find them.  Going ALL IN on a retreat weekend will leave you connected with others, but more importantly, yourself.

And of course there's more... I can't give everything away duh??!!

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