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Ecstatic dance is a sober, conscious dance experience where you are encouraged to abandon all rhythm & expectation, and express yourself freely through dance and movement. It’s an immersive, somatic experience – deeply connecting you to your body and allowing space for emotions and energy to flow. Dancing freely with NO inhibitions allows for old stories, thoughts, energies, beliefs and patterns to rise to the surface; to be processed and transmuted leaving you with a sense of clarity and release

It’s a beautiful way to incorporate movement and mindfulness; in a unique, incredibly freeing, and FUN experience! Our live DJ will take you on a journey that’s carefully crafted for you to ebb and flow with the different rhythms and beats, as they purposefully evoke different movements and emotions. Allow yourself to let loose, trust the process, express yourself, dance your way to playfulness, joy, and fun.

This month we are featuring an amazing artist, passionate about Ecstatic Dance and sure to deliver the vibes - Juicy Junglist.

For more info & to register:

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