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As a team, we’ll meet you where you’re at – with utter safety, patience, and non-judgment – we will take one step at a time, at your pace, out of the fogginess of the gray and into technicolor living.


Whether you’re used to swimming in the deep end of development, or you’re just starting to dip your toe into the pool of growth, we’ll use a variety of healing modalities – as they make sense for you. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, or one of our immersive retreat experiences, you will finally discover what is on the other side of your fear.

Through the safety, and intimacy, of our hour-long one-on-one sessions, you will remove the blocks that have been holding you back. At the end of each session we will co-create (you)nique actionable next steps.


Outside of session, you will receive daily messaging support, and accountability, guiding you through your day-to-day. 

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